The CIOAME-UN is an initiative of the African Parliament of Civil Society (APCISO). For its second edition, it is organized by the National Association Exchanges between Youth (NAYE – Algeria) in partnership with the collective African Foreign Students in Algeria (INITIATIVE AGENDA 2063).

This second edition has the theme “Engaging Africa in the face of the migration crisis” ; the purpose of this one is to promote the commitment of the organizations of civil society to boost entrepreneurship and employability of young people, innovation, sustainable and inclusive industrialization of Africa.


To brake the flow of Algerian migrants, Italians require a military barrier !

Italian political groups, including Forza Italia (Go Italy) and Fratelli d’Italia have asked the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte to establish a military barrier of the Italian Navy to curbing the…

” Le Courrier d’Algérie ” speaks about it !!!

Like its predecessor, ” Le Courrier d’Algérie ” talks about the second international conference about the migration crisis that will take place in Algiers from 19 to 21 November 2018.…

Irregular migration: Algeria designated to host the 2nd International Conference

The African Parliament of Civil Society has recently designated Algeria to organize the second edition of the International Conference of Irregular Migration which will take place from 19 to 21…

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