After the passage to witnesses of the flag of the cioame-onu 2018 to Algeria, things are specified in Algiers.

In fact, to make it easier for young Africans to travel next November, the Algerian authorities have decided to offer the visa free of charge to all foreign participants wishing to take part in the 2018 unicell-onu.

Through this important decision, Algeria shows its particular interest in effective management of the migrant crisis. For some weeks now, the Algerian authorities have constantly emphasized the need to tackle the sources of the migration problem, namely security, human development and the care of young people. Algiers is involved and continues to invest in finding solutions to the migrant crisis.

The National Association of Youth Exchanges (ANEJ) which presides over this second conference is happy and welcomes the special interest of the Algerian authorities in the success of this event. Ditto on the side of the African Parliament of the civil society. Its president M Dro Kessé Jean Claude said that the visa barrier very often prevents many actors of the African civil society from taking part in important meetings. For the speaker of the parliament, the initiating organization of the conference, Algiers 2018, is doubly important for his organization. Algiers 2018 will be one of the rare occasions of reunion between African civil society actors and will mark, day to day, November 20, 2018, the anniversary date of the 10 years of existence of the African Parliament of the civil society.

source : African Parlement of Civil Socity

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