The 2nd edition of the International Conference of African NGOs members of the United Nations ECOSOC ended yesterday in Algiers with the adoption of several measures to combat migration flows in Africa and promote a favourable climate for African youth so that they do not leave their continent.
In the margins of the closing of the 2nd International Conference of African NGOs Members of ECOSOC, the final conference declaration was read in the presence of participants, representatives of the Algerian authorities, as well as African NGOs, also representatives of African civil society. The declaration of this conference expresses the will of African NGOs to create a favourable climate for young people, thus accelerating the process of economic and social development in order to combat the phenomenon of migration. It is specified in the statement distributed to journalists and read at the closing ceremony “the commitment to the African Union which is the embodiment of our unitary ideal, the foundation of our solidarity and the privileged framework for our action”.
In addition, the challenges of the Algiers Conference revolve around “the impregnation of the ideals of freedom, democracy, justice, peace, solidarity and the promotion and protection of human and peoples’ rights”. The participants in the Algiers Conference thus agree “to act together as a force for building proposals, an essential partner in building the Africa we want”. It is also revealed “the massive participation in the implementation of Agenda 2063 and sponsor the project to set up the platform initiative agenda 2063”. The joint declaration stresses, imperatively, “to invest and work tirelessly to strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity between all actors of African civil society”.
On the other hand, it calls for the promotion of an inclusive dialogue between the different actors for Africa’s development, as well as the need to effectively involve civil society in the decision-making process for all decisions affecting Africa’s future. Thus, it was called for “the creation of a fund to assist and promote development actions initiated by African civil society”. In the recommendations, the participants stressed “the need to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusive industrialization to lay the foundations for sustainable development in Africa”.
Contribute to “the creation of political and social conditions to combat, in particular, irregular migration, skills drain and capital flight, in particular by encouraging targeted investments for development and job creation for young people and women, innovation and inclusive and sustainable industrialisation”. For the President of the Organizing Committee, Ali Sahel, the Algiers conference, held under the theme: “Involving Africa in coping with the migration crisis”, provided an opportunity to discuss the migration crisis in all its dimensions and led to “the elaboration of several proposals to be submitted to African and international bodies, able to contribute to the serious handling of the migration issue, which has continued to grow in importance in recent years”.
This Wednesday’s plenary session was devoted in particular to the intervention of economists and experts on the theme of “the fight against poverty, automation of youth and women in Africa”. During the first two days, the participants in the Conference welcomed Algeria’s efforts in Africa, in particular its participation in decision-making on the issue of illegal migration within the United Nations and its efforts to ensure respect for human rights.
In this regard, they highlighted Algeria’s culture of peace and reconciliation in dealing with crises and conflicts. They also paid tribute to Algeria for the resources mobilized to hold this African conference, which brought together nearly 300 participants, mainly civil society actors, from 30 African countries.

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