Italian political groups, including Forza Italia (Go Italy) and Fratelli d’Italia have asked the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte to establish a military barrier of the Italian Navy to curbing the flow of Algerian migrants from the coasts of Italy. Annaba to the island of Sardinia.

Silvio Berlusconi’s party “Forza Italia” addressed a parliamentary question to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte asking them to stop the flow of Algerians from the Annaba coasts and the neighboring wilayas to Sardinia.

The authors of the parliamentary question, reported by local media in Sardinia, stressed that the island (Sardinia) had become a new destination for Algerian illegal migrants, stating that according to the European Border and Border Agency Coast Guard “Frontex” the axis of “migrants” Algeria-Sardinia constitutes a potential threat to the Italian national security. “We must accelerate efforts to curb this migratory flow before it is out of control,” insisted Forza Italia.

For its part, the party of Fratelli d’Italia presented a proposal to the Defense Committee of the Italian Parliament for the installation of a maritime and military barrier between Sardinia and Algeria.

“At the last meeting of the office of the Defense Committee of the Italian Parliament, it was asked to check the pages (social networks) that encourage Algerian migrants because there are calls for migration and images of young people taking offshore to Spain and Italy, “said the party’s representative to the Defense Committee.

“The use of coastguard units is proving to be inadequate and requires significant resources and more elements. As a result, it becomes necessary to use boats and ships of the navy in consultation with international bodies and with the Algerian authorities, “explained the Italian policy.

“Many Algerians and migrants who become ghosts and who hide most of the time and give advice and useful information – on social networks – to those who plan to emigrate illegally,” he said .

Source : Alérie 360°

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